Seller: Katie Gates
State: Colorado
City: Aurora
Zip code: 60505
Type: Animals

My birthday is coming up soon and I am looking for a free to good home, or very cheap (0-25$ maybe) female kitten. (2-3 mo. old, no older please.) I need something in/around the Aurora/Montgomery Illinois area, I would be willing to go 6-8, may be 10 miles to get it. I will not do anything far away or shipping for safety of scams. LOCAL PEOPLE ONLY. I would also be willing to wait a while if you have a cat that is pregnant and you are wanting to get rid of the kittens once they are born. (IF you have a female. And obviously, I know I'll have to wait 8 weeks for them to be old enough.)
[ If you message me with an offer please state your location. ]
If you have an offer you can reach me at -- or message/email. Thanks.
(I will take this ad down once I find one, so if it is still up, I'm still looking for one.)